Job Training

Boys 2 Men Lawn Care Service

A team of young men at The Gate serve the elderly, disabled, and veterans in our community by cutting lawns and taking care of yards. These young men are hard workers and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to serve and bless others, while also learning to give their all and take pride in their work. They are not only learning how to work in a business, but they’re learning how to run a business, and they are gaining life skills that will set them on a great course for the future. 

LCC – High School Equivalency Diploma (GED)

Lenoir Community College organizes classes across the service area to prepare individuals to pass the High School Equivalency Diploma Test (formerly know as GED). The HSED test covers content that a graduating senior is expected to know. The Gate of Lenoir County partners with LCC to offer this program here at The Gate. HSED classes are taught by instructors from LCC in the mornings, afternoons and evenings so that all desiring to attend can find a class to fit their schedule. Students attend classes here at The Gate until they demonstrate proficiency and successfully complete the High School Equivalency Diploma test battery. For more information on their partnership you may contact them at 252-939-3259.


Girls Increasing Faith Through Service.  Growing our girls’ hearts for service is why this program is at the forefront of teaching our girls the incredible God-given worth that lies within them.  GIRLS LOVE SERVICE.  Girls grow emotionally and spiritually from serving and they become more compassionate and empathetic when they consider another’s needs.   These girls go into the community and serve those who need their homes cleaned and cannot afford to pay someone.  By placing “legs” on a girl’s faith, we find a dedication to serving others that has an incredible eternal impact on one’s life.  Eccl. 4:12 

Corey, Student at The Gate

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